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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that come up either before booking or during planning. A lot can be found here:

  • Q.) What if I want you to play a song you don't have listed in your music library?
    A.) My library is extensive but there are times that I will not have the song you would like played. I will make all effort to get that song if it's one I should have. If it is a very obscure song and is difficult for me to obtain I will ask for your help if you own it. You can send me MP3's, CD's, or let me plug your iPod into my mixer. Because of licensing and legality if I did not purchase it I will delete it or shred the CD after your function is done.
  • Q.) What if you become ill and cannot perform at my function?
    A.) As noted in the contract a suitable replacement will be supplied at no additional charge to you. The "backups" are just as experienced as I am and all of your paperwork, details, etc., will be passed over to the new entertainer. I have networks of contacts available so there is nothing to fear!
  • Q.) Do you take requests during the party?
    A.) Absolutely, but as I tell everyone that is not a guarantee that I will play that song. If that song is on your "Do Not Play" list then I will nicely tell the requestor that I cannot play it. If it is not on your list I will see if there is a time during the function when it would be appropriate to play it. I have learned to only play the song if I am 99.99999999999999% sure it will have a positive reaction with your guests. And, I have to admit, sometimes it's best to listen to guests. Some requests have been a MAJOR hit!
  • Q.) What kind of equipment do you have?
    A.) Coming from a musical background I make sure the equipment I get is nothing but top quality.
    • Main P.A. - JBL Eons
    • Mixer: Denon DN-X900
    • CD Players: Denon DN-4500
    • Microphones: Wired and handheld microphones are Shure SM-58's. Headset is Shure WH-30.
    • Laptop: Dell Inspiron 8500
    • Laptop Sound Processor: M-Audio Audiophile USB
    • Cables: Primarily Hosa brand cables
    • Lighting: Chauvet and American DJ



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