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Additional Options
Okay, so you have your party pretty much planned out. Have you thought about additional things you'd like? These following options make things unique for you and your guests and do it at a good value! Contact me with any questions!

  • Karaoke - Most everyone loves karaoke, and those that say they fear or dread it just haven't given it a shot! Karaoke is a great way to get people together and you can sometimes find a hidden jewel in your group of friends. Music from all eras including today are available.

  • Cocktail Piano - I have been playing the piano since the summer of 3rd grade and still enjoy every minute of it. Let me play for you and your guests during your cocktail hour. If a piano is not located at your venue I have a portable keyboard programmed with sounds taken from a real Yamaha grand piano. I can even add strings or bass to enhance the song. The music I play ranges from standard classics to improv I make right on the spot! Listen to some samples below:
    • Anything But Love - I used to accompany choruses back when I was in school and the first few years of college. I used to play this song for an 8th grade select chorus of girls. ...and me just the lone guy on the keys.
    • My Song - During practicing I sometimes get a beat in my head or I hear a progression I like. A few times they come together and make a real song. This is one of those times.
    Sorry, but I cannot play ceremony music at this time.

  • Lite-It-Up! - As an addition to the basic lighting you can also opt for intelligent lighting, blacklights, mirror / disco balls, and more! The light up dance floors are included with this package (see below).
    The following two options are available but only after special permission: Fog machines are available but only after approval of the venue. Fog machines will trip fire alarms unless they are disabled. Strobe lights are available as well but a waiver must be signed due to the possibility of unknown cases of people having epilepsy.

  • Dancers - A great way to get the crowd moving is by getting a few dancers. No, this doesn't mean your party is a dud. These dancers are facilitators and get people going in new moves they've never thought of before. Not just for the bar-/bat-mitzvah party crowd these dancers are starting to be used at weddings, too!

  • Video Impact - Adding video to your party gives a cool atmosphere. You feel like you're dancing along with the artists! Customizable sayings are available for display. You may also want to check every now and then to see if you see your face on the screens, too! Our roving camera man might just like your style.

  • Light-Up Dance Floors - Yes, they light up. A neat platform to elevate your guests to... well... about 4 inches higher than the floor. That little bit stands them out in the crowd. Watch people get down like you've never known them to, before! You'll usually see me up there, too.

  • Picture This! - Want a novelty that lets people take home a piece of the action? Picture This! is the answer. A dedicated photographer snaps your picture and the template operator puts you almost anywhere: From on the Wheaties box to the cover of Cosmo, on the Green Monster at Fenway to a warp zone! 4x6 or 5x7 prints are printed right then and there on a dye-sub printer (exactly like you can find at real photo labs). When added you will have up to two new templates made for your party which can include the name of your special guest, your company, the date, and more. Can you Picture This! at your party? Click here to check out more about Picture This!.
    Picture This! is always booked in association with Wilson Stevens Productions. It's something we put together.

  • VGames - Wanna put yourself in the seat of a super car? How about dancing with 3 of your friends to score the most points in Dance Dance Revolution? VGames does it! Using our 8' diagonal screen, full sound system, and a lot of lights, you not only play the game, you are IN it!

  • Jam Factory - This is Rock Band pumped up to Volume 11! The setup of VGames, along with additional LCD screens for your performers, with Rock Band added to it! Be your own band, make your name, and play against everyone at the party! Top scores are kept and at the end of the session the winners are announced.



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