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About DJ Mark Wish
My name is Mark Wishneusky and I have been entertaining New Englanders for years starting since, well, first grade as the lead part of a play. ...okay, so it was all Mother Goose tales combined into one but I was the king and it was great! I am a classically-trained pianist starting when I was 8 years old and have since added other instruments to my repertoire including drums, beginning bass, and, of course, CD players.

I've grown up in a musical family including my aunt being the drummer in a band called Beantown. Back in college I helped the band as a roadie setting up for them and tearing down. I was later asked by the keyboardist if I wanted to be a DJ. I laughed at him and said I'd be awful but that I'd try it anyway. I don't regret trying it for one second! Since 2002 I have been DJ'ing weddings, bar- and bat-miztvah parties, corporate parties, and more. I have added my piano playing as a cocktail piano add-on if you are interested.

When I am not DJ'ing I work for a marketing company in the technology department as an e-mail postmaster. It's neat when I walk in on Monday mornings and everyone asks what parties I did over the weekend. One of these days it might even be your party I'm talking about!

Other things about me include that I am born and raised in the Boston area making me a Boston fan of all sports teams, I enjoy all the seasons with all they bring, as well as a lot of the standards. This helps me become an all-around DJ for you to not only play music at your function but help integrate with you and your guests because I know where you come from.

There is plenty more about me to know. All you gotta do is ask! But until then, I hope to bring you and your guests a party everyone will remember.

“Sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you more that day, but thank you so much for helping out at our 2007 Manchester Walk on 9/23/2007. That was huge of you to do, and the crowd loved it. We did an e-survey and your efforts were rated as "outstanding" and "Good". You're very skilled at what you do; and you seem to enjoy it-it clearly shows.”
-David Place
Development Manager | Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America | New England Chapter

The Crew
I certainly can't do all of this alone. Sometimes there are multiple parties running at the same time and for that I go to only my most trusted helpers. Not even that but sometimes assistants are needed to help me at just one party. These people were trained the same way I was: Experience at a lot of parties doing it many different ways. I place my trust with them and they in turn deliver the same performance to you and your guests!

“It was a terrific evening, and Mike and Di did a beautiful job. I will recommend you often!”
-Camille M.
Bat-Mitzvah Party, September, 2007



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